City pop masterpiece "Light Speed Road" by so nice appeared in the new 7-inch recording of HF International REWORK


This time, on the edge of DJ Bossa ★ Da, we have reworked the legendary city pop masterpiece "Speed Road" of the band so nice led by Katsuyuki Kamakura.
The jacket continues in 2014, and Dr. Hisashi Eguchi is rework, and it is intense from what to what.

Please listen to the a-side at the time of the announcement in 1979 when it was a student, the B side which had been re-recorded from our selfishness this time, and the voice of mr. Kamakura respectively by all means.

Top: so nice Katsuyuki Kamakura, bottom left: DJ Bossa ★Da, bottom right: HF International

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DJ Bossa ★Da + HF is a monumental masterpiece of the City pop boom that became a topic of conversation after being first made into a 7-inch on Record Store Day in 2014. Reappeared on the floor in the subtropical reggae disco REWORK recording by International.
The jacket is in charge of Hisashi Eguchi following the previous work, rework illustrations of '14 'speed of light road'

It was formed in 1976 at the Folk Song Club of nihon university school of art, and so nice as a student band that covered Sugar Babe and Tatsuro Yamashita.
As a graduation anniversary, the album "LOVE", which was produced independently in 1979, was unearthed by Tatsuro Yamashita's fans and Japanese mono DJ, and was brought to the limelight from the wonder of its rarity and content.
In 2014, the album "Speed Road" was cut by 7 inches and sold out immediately.

The single, which had already been a collector's item, became a new version that coupling rework to the B side, and it is the re-release of the rapture for the first time in five years.

The original of Young City Pop's highest peak, "Light Road", whose fresh vocals determined their popularity, are no longer explained, and the new edition is recorded in 45 revolutions.

I would like you to pay attention to THE B-side that DJ Bossa ★Da who was involved in the excavation and recurrence of "LOVE" worked on the tag with the popular Mellow Breakbeats unit and HF International by Katsunori Hiraiwa and Yuki Fukuda
Katsuyuki Kamakura, the leader of so nice for this REWORK, dared to re-record.
Based on the sound source, it's an undisputed masterpiece that combines the goodness of the original music with the groove sought by today's dance floor, arranged into a reggae disco with an urban evening atmosphere driven by funky cutting guitars and bass lines.

♦Recorded m
usic: SIDE A
1.Speed Road

1.Speed Road DJ Bossa ★Da +HF International REWORK

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