~ Present –

I'm a truckmaker working in Nagoya. 
He is also an engineer who can direct vocals.
We do music production according to consultation such as song mono music arrangement, promotional BGM, jingle, etc.

I also do voice training.

If i can consult with you once in a while, I'm solving the theory.(There may be a lot of love counseling)

He is also an outdoor school. 
He is also a reader. 
It is very cold. I like to pl
ay with cars.(General lying on the machine.)) 

– Upbringing –

I was born in Chitose City, Hokkaido, and i worked in Nagoya for a while to build aircraft, and i have been working hard to build large airliners, and i have been engaged in music activities and music dissemination activities to the present day.

– Current Music Activities –

HF International 

HF member Katsunori Hiraiwa participated in the JAZZ even
t "MEETIN'JAZZ" which continued from 1993, and started the Mix project "SPIRAL BEATS" in 2000. 

The MellowGroove-themed mixcd Spiral Mellow Beats has been highly acclaimed and praised by Mitsuru Ogawa, NIK WESTON, president and ceo Ofssoil & Pimp Sessions. 
In February 2010, he released a new MIXCD, and he keep an eye on his activities. 

In addition to the various rhythms that have been gained through the provision of music to various artists and collaborations, Yuki Fukuda is not only a key vocalist. Delicate editing work and abundant ideas have also added color to HF's music. 
He has been highly acclaimed for his sound recording magazine contests, and has been active in many fields, including commercials and live sessions. 

In May 2010, "HF-Ashef International", which worked on The Yellow REMIX of M-Swift presents 24-Carat, made its jazzmin RECORDS world debut in France. 

In 2012, he worked on the official remix of Japan's technogod KEN ISHII.

The 7-inch analog record is constantly released, but both are well received.

HF international made their debut at JAZZMINRECORDS in France 

HF International
Hiraiwa Katsunori, a member of HF, has been a taken part in Jazz event
'MEETIN' JAZZ' since 1993 and star ted a mixproject 'SPIRAL BEATS' in 2000. 
His mix CD 'Spiral Mellow Beats' was highly praised by Mitsuru Oawa,
Nik Weston, Syacho Soil &"Pimp" Sessions and so on. 
A new mixCD was newly released in February this year (2010), so you must check it out. 
Seiki Fukuda activities include sponsoring tracks to various artists,
CM, livesession and his work was praised at a contes t of 'sound&recording' magazine. 
His miscellaneous rhythm that is from experience of collaboration with various artists,
ideas, skill as keyboardist and de licate editing are coloring HF sound.

Rainbow Nori (7 Colors Rides) 

Rainbow Nori myspa
ce page

The music that two people weave in the "Shake", which sequences a variety
of phrases and rhythms, and Takahiro Toshiro, a prog-guitar playing a guitar that resonates wi
th the delicate songwriting. 

The concept of "IluminatedGroove" is to put light into the heart of the listener. 

Harmoni's crossovers such as House, drum'n'bass breakbeets and a wide variety of rhythms and jazz,bossa and rock flash back as pleasant scenery. 

SHAKE provides music to various artists and has a variety of rhythms through collaboration. 
In addition to his technique as a keyboardist, his delicate editing work and rich ideas have added color to his music. 

In addition to being a guitarist, ToshiroTakahiro has been a guitarist since around 1994, playin
g in clubs, making tracks, compositing, dj experience and jazz, The codework backed by bossa's theory is the cornerstone of nijinoli's music. 

The colorful scene that hides in the groove [IluminatedGroove] 

We are currently working in Nagoya.He is mainly active in clubs. 

Various lessons

At the General Music School called Eyes Music Academy in Nagoya, we start writing songs at DTM and take training lessons on improving singing, speaking, and speaking.
We also produce music using computers such as DTM.
Voice training, composing, and playing with soundBecause i'm working hard day and night for that, "Oh, it's pretty much over the wall", "More, i wonder if it will be able to do as imaginable", people please come.Please contact me in advance.) 

Eyes Music Academy.Kanaya
a School ↓