Bagus! HF International remix of the long-awaited "teak time" analog 7 inch B side!


We received a remix request from HF International from the band Bagus! which has a reputation for comfortable LOLRS ROCK "Teak Time"!

It is finished in a pleasant lovers rock suitable for DJ play!

Please make a reservation!

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August 8, 2020 (Saturday)
Release Bagus! Teak Time (7")
Model Number HLV07-000
1 Price: 1500 yen (+tax)

SIDE A Cheek T
ime SIDE B Cheek Time (HF International Lovers Remix)

For a detailed introduction of the product, please go to BAGUS from Hawaii Records! The long-awaited analog 7 inch release!Please check .

City POP on VINYL 2020 Bagus! – You can listen to it on the special page of teak time!


In 2014, he was born in Wakayama and started with his high school classmates, Shirakawa (Vo/Gt) and Tsuji (key/Vo).

Initially, he was active in organic sound based on surf rock and fork, but with twists and turns, he began playing Lovers Rock in 2018.

Since 2014, we have been planning our own project "Bagus!" at wakayama fishing village, Wakaura beach bar, and Bagus.held every summer.
Past performers included Typhoon Club, today's closure, Nagisa's Beethovens, Achiko Maekawa and the Good Looking Guy, The Hilllandon, and Gutto Crew.

On March 1, 2019, the 1st single "Teak Time" was released and held a one-man live performance with crucifixion.Mobilized 100 people.
Lapstaa's Birth!In Season 3 (Abema TV), a friend of Wakayama, richblack, who advanced to 2nd stage, also appeared as a guest co-star.

Cheek time PV was created under the supervision of director Shinichi Matsuura, director of the film "Children's Toys" (selected for the 39th PIA FILM FESTIVAL competition at the Film Festival and the PFF Awards 2017).