The long-awaited so nice "Speed of Light Road" is released.


Ladies and gentlemen, we've kept you waiting!

Dj Bossa ★ Da+HF International released so nice "Speed of Light Road" of B-side Rework in 2020.2.18

Immediately after the launch, we received a very popular and sold out immediately at record shops around the place, but the re-press was decided immediately, and the reservation acceptance was started again by the release release in early May 2020!

Please enjoy the original sound source of so nice on the A side and dj bossa ★ Da + HF International rework on the B side.

Of course, the jacket continued at the time of the last release in 2014, by Mr. Hisashi Eguchi, this is also a new jacket in Rework

Reservations are available from the following product pages!