Chunichi Dragons released "Medley 2020 CD Album" support song by player


Chunichi Dragons "Cheer song medley 2020 CD album" was included in the arrangement at chia dragons 2020 official theme song "What a Feeling".

Chunichi Dragons fans must hearWith the new slogan "Resurrection of the R
ising Dragon", to support dragon warriors fighting every day, the 2020 edition of the support song medley album of Chunichi Dragons is born
Not to mention the support song of the main player, "Cheer song medley" which connected the chance theme to inspire the activity in the medley form, the c
lassic of the victory game, the new baseball team song that Ken Matsudaira sings highly [Shoryu- Ieyue Dragons] a great clas
sic support song for young and old men and women "Burn me"Dragons- Team Chorus", chia
dragons 2020 official theme song "What a Feeling", etc., completely cover the s
ongs that are indispensable for support in 2020!!It is one of dora fan must-have that cheers become 100 times more fun
Source: Chunichi Dragons Official Site

♦CD Information

Release dateTuesday, March 24, 2020
Price¥2,500 (excl. tax: ¥2,273)
Number of songs recordedAll 53 songs (including karaoke songs)
Where to sellDragons Online Shop Drago
ns Shop (AEON Nagoya Dome Mae) Nagoya Do
me "Prisma Club" and other
national record stores

♦Contents of the recording

Songs / 53 songs (including karaoke songs)

  • Soryu – Iiyane Dragons – / Ken Matsudaira
  • Support Song Medley 2020 / Chunichi Dragons Cheering Group Chance
    Theme 2 Chance
    Theme 41 / Yota Kyoda's The
    me 3 / Takahashi Shuhei's Theme (Lyric
    s Revamp) 4 / Fujii Atsushi
    's Theme 5 / Abe Toshiki's Theme (
    New Song) 6 / Hirata Ryosuke's Theme (
    New Song) Lyrics Revamped 7 / Neo Taka
    shi's Theme [Normal Cheer Song] 7 / Neo Takash
    i's Theme [Power Pro Versio
    n] 8 / Oshima Yohei's Theme
    23 / Endo Kazuhoshi's Theme 2
    7 / Ohno Sota's
    Theme Theme 3 Mult
    i-Theme (New Song) 42 / Soilo Almont
    e's Theme 52 / Kato Takumima's Theme
    (New Song) 55 / Fukuda Nagam
    asa's Theme 63 / Naonori Doga
    mi's Theme 66 / Dayan Bisied's Theme [Normal Ch
    eer Song] 66 / Dayan Bisied's theme [Chance Version] 68
    / Katsura Yorio's theme chan
    ce theme "Decide" Theme pit
    cher theme of the player without
    individual support song wi
    thout individual support song
  • What a Feeling / etsuco [Chia Dragons 2020 Official Theme Song]
  • Enter!Dragons / Ichiro Mizuki
  • Support song Medley 2020 by players (Karaoke)

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Chunichi Dragons "Medley 2020 CD Album" by Players released