HF International, the original song in collaboration with The LASTTRAK / Lin Eler is an analog release!


HF International has gained popularity in all past works.

A dreamy disco number that goes back and forth between Chinese and English, which was co-produced by The LASTTRAK and the vocals lin Ehrer, is a 7-inch release!

Limited edition release of the original song in the first analog!

The song of the telework production between Japan and Taiwan is finally completed.

Nagoya-based DJ/ Beatmaker Katsunori Hiraiwa and breakbeats unit "HF Internationa" by multiplayer Masaki Fukuda, and brother remixer unit "The LASTTRAK" by TakachenCo living in Sendai and C.Sayid living in Tokyo will release a limited edition of the collaboration song "AFTER PARTY" nationwide on Wednesday, September 9.

The vocalist SIP SKIP BEN and Lin Iraku (Lin Yiler), a Taiwanese female artist who is a hot topic in the Chinese cover of "If I See You in a Dream", participated in the event.

It is an exotic and pleasant Balearic disco number that crosses Chinese and English.

Since the production was produced in the midst of the spread of the new Coronavirus infection, members based in tokyo, Sendai, Nagoya, Taiwan, and four regions completed it in a remote environment.

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Cover Illustration & design : Kuniyasu Kojima (Artistic inc.)

【Audition link】

Side A
1. AFTER PARTY (with Lin Iraku & HF Internat[Rework]i

Side B
2. AFTER PARTY (with Lin Iraku & The Last

【Artist's Comment】

The shaking hi-hat, cool chordwork, a passionate guitar, the dazzling ligh
t of BPM110, and the singing voice cross the sea.
A new scene of AFTER PARTY.I might have seen it.It is.
Saitoujung (Your Song Is Good)

There was a song i heard in my dream and an unforgettable voice here.
Shinichi Sugawara (musician)

Recently, the number of places where people play an active part has increased because of their voices in various fields.
It's also amazing to make it her own without fear of new challenges.
There is also a feeling that her new side was brought out in this collaboration,
and an attractive singing voice brings depth to the song.
listen to it!

I want to go to the sea.I want to go to the pool.I want to go to the zoo.I want to walk around town sloppy with my friends while licking the soft serve ice cream.
I want to look at the show window, try a new lipstick, criticize each other for trying it on, say that we're tired, and have tea at a coffee shop.
I want to go to the club.After a long time, I want to tap each other on the shoulder, know love, pass each other, and be shaken by a sound I don't know.
When this record is turned, that special glitter which existed naturally a little while ago begins to flow.
Machiko Machitamachi

Cool new release from Hi Fi International! Great Composition and Instrument on This super –breezey, 'dance-pop' number.
The A1 version is my favorite, the perfect soundtrack for summer evenings or an afternoon on the coast!
Max Essa

[Release S
ummary] Artist: HF INTERNATIONAL
lease: 2020/09/09 (Wed) Pr
ice: JPY 1,870 (inc
l. tax) Genre: House, Hip
Hop / Rap Form:
7 inch Sing
le Part Number: SBP-14 Label: Spiral Be
ats P
n Recording: Side A1. AFTER PARTY (with Lin Iraku & Th
e LastRA
K) Side B2. AFTER PARTY (with Lin Iraku & HF Internationa[Rework]l)

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Co-star profile


A breakbeats unit based in Nagoya by DJ/Beatmaker Katsunori Hiraiwa and multiplayer Masaki Fukuda.In addition to the Lovers Rock Cover of Taeko Onuki's "Urban" which became a representative song, Emiri Kano "Friday Night -HF International MIX-", Rework of So Nice "Speed Road", "I'm Picasso", Bagus! He has also produced remixes of "Cheek Time".
In September 2020, the original song "AFTER PARTY" was released on analog.

[The LASTTRAK Profile] Brother rem
ixer unit by TakachenCo. who lives in Sendai and C.Sayid living in Tokyo.
It attracts attention for a number of boot remixes posted on the Internet and a collaboration EP "Dabuste EP" with MINT released from maltine records.These activities led him to work on various official remixes from Anison to hip hop, idol, bocaro, etc.

[Lin Yiler (Sparrow Spot / SKIP SKIP BEN BEN) Profile] From Taip
ei, Taiwan.He composed and vocals for the indie pop band "BoyZ & GIRL", launched SKIP SKIP BEN BEN in 2012 as a new individual project, and in 2013 served as the opening act of My Bloody Valentine's Taipei performance.
In parallel with the band's activities, the band's name is Lin Ehrer, the real name, and in 2019 he released his electronic work "0.5mm" and the mixtape "The Smile of Afurie", and started a new career that could be called the culmination of her musical activities.